Information Documents


We offer the highest standards of private rental storage space for all commercial and domestic goods.

Unit Size Possible Uses
1m x 3m Sports gear, personal belongings
2m x 3m Office clutter, archives, white ware
3m x 3m 1 or small 2 bedroom house lot, motorcycles
4m x 3m 2 or small 3 bedroom house lot
6m x 2.3m shipping container 3 bedroom house lot, car
6m x 3m 3 or small 4 bedroom house lot, car, small boat
8m x 3m (includes mezzanine) large house lot, small house lot with car, boat
Parks  Boat, caravan, campervan

For your convenience we have all the paperwork right here:

  1. Application Form
  2. Floor Plan

These documents are in PDF format. If you have trouble viewing them, please download Adobe PDF Reader.